Mass spectrometry clinical application

Trace element detection kit

Trace element detection kit

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  • Significance of detection
    Microelements are not only the components of human body, but also the components of enzymes and vitamins. They can maintain the acid-base and electrolytic balance of blood, participate in endocrine, promote gonadal development, fertility, sexual function and sugar metabolism, and assist human organs and tissues to transport essential substances to the whole body for metabolism. These elements in the body too low or too high will cause different diseases, and even cancer. Rapid and accurate detection of trace elements in human body is of great clinical significance for disease prevention or clinical treatment.

    Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

    60 test / box
    120 test / box
    480 test / box

    Product features
    1. It is the first in China, and specially develops supporting automatic report generation software to provide personalized system solutions;
    2. Wider detection range: covering 22 elements;
    3. It has strong specificity and high accuracy, providing more accurate scientific basis for clinical diagnosis.